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Laramie Enduro 2015…by Epic Racer Thomas Spannring

This past weekend I took a short trip to Laramie, Wyoming for the annual Laramie Enduro Mountain Bike Race. All 70 miles are above 7500′ of sea level and the total climbing is around 6900′. I raced here last year, and had a great race until I followed the lead moto bike off the trail, and ended up getting lost and riding an extra 5 miles….

This year a lead group of 5 riders formed quickly and the first 20 or so miles seemed to fly by. My Cannondale F29 was the perfect bike for these long stretches of dirt roads with some punchy, short climbs. After the long dirt roads turned into fun singletrack in the woods I was able to split off the group with a very strong riding John Henning. He attacked around mile 30 and was able to gain a small gap of about a minute on me. Chasing hard and not wanting to lose any time on the downhills, I briefly lost control on one of the very fast and loose gravel descents and hit the deck pretty hard. After being down for a brief moment and luckily finding out that everything was still intact, I decided to push hard to catch up to the leader. The temperature started rising quickly, and I knew it would be hard to stay hydrated well throughout the race.

 I took on a lot of HoneyStinger gels, and felt like I was ready for the last 10miles of the race. I made the mistake of not taking on any additional water on the last aid station thinking I’d be fine for the last 10miles. Well, I was wrong since the last stretch of the race course is very technical and demanding. Buzzing by the last aid station thinking I’d be on the bike another 30 or 40 minutes, I ended up taking over an hour and 10 minutes on that last stretch of trail.

 I was bonking hard, and had to push my bike up many climbs I would be able to ride under normal circumstances. At that moment I was sure that the chase group from behind would be catching up to me quickly, but quite the opposite happened…John Henning suffered a mechanical in one of the rocky sections, and I was able to pass him and took the win in 4hours 53minutes. After the bad luck of last year it seems the tables have turned for this year’s race. Thanks to Epic Endurance Cycling and all our sponsors for all their support!

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