RME Ridgeline Rampage and Battle the Bear

After having a little time off following the 24 hours of the Old Pueblo, the 2014 Mountain Bike race season officially got underway for me with the first two races ...

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Skimo Racing!

by: Sarka Ruzickova Note: Skimo is hyphenated for "Ski Mountaineering" - Wiki located here: Skimo I’ve been skinning for while now, but haven’t raced yet. Last year I tried one race on ...


2014 24Hrs In The Old Pueblo

The Epic Team has historically kicked off its season at the 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo, outside of Tucson, AZ. 2014 was no different as we were in search ...

February - 28 - 2014

As athletes we all look for eyewear that protects, has multiple lens options, and looks good.  And not necessarily in that order.  ;) Personally, I have worn eyewear from just about every company out there.  From big names, to little names, finding ones that fit and work well to ones that are awful in every respect.  I suppose I am super choosy when it comes to sunglasses, both on and off the bike.  I tend to lean towards more full wrap eye protection while on the bike for training and racing, and something a bit less and more fun and  [ Read More ]

December - 2 - 2013

Author: Thomas Spannring After having ridden and raced on 26” full suspension bikes the last years, I finally decided to join the 29er bandwagon and raced the Cannondale F29 hardtail in every race this past season. Here’s what I learned during these numerous hours in the saddle. The first thing I noticed when mounting my new bike was that I was sitting in a higher than usual position. While it did feel a little odd at first, I got used to it very quickly. One of the first rides I did on my new bike was a race that didn’t  [ Read More ]

November - 18 - 2013

Author: Kelly Feagans As I sit here in front my my laptop, I am reminded rather painfully that I raced this last weekend.  And to be truthful, it’s not necessarily a bad pain (I hit the hot Texas dirt twice) … It’s a reminder that in my little life, I did something I consider “epic” this weekend.  Bill and I traveled to Canyon TX, which sits beyond Amarillo by about 15 miles for the 2013 running of the “Palo Duro Canyon Mountain Bike Marathon.” We stumbled upon this gem back in 2011 when we were searching for some dry single  [ Read More ]